Dragonmeet Review & Interviews

Episode 63 – Dragonmeet Review & Interviews

After a great time as part of the #Podcastzone at Dragonmeet, the guys got together for a review of the event and also mixed in some of the interviews and brief chats they got while gadding about. Hear from OSR guys such as Luke Gearing [19:20], the Lamentations of James Raggi [28:55], the silvered tones of Patrick Stuart [34:05]; plus, what’s new in Chaosium Line Editor Mike Mason’s stable [39:50] and more Cthlhu style shenanigans from Paul Baldowski.

James Raggi has plenty of great stuff on his site, including Patrick’s work such as Veins of the Earth.
Get your hand on Fever Swamp here.
Down Darker Trails, is available from the Chaosium site, of course.
Get yourself some lovely All Rolled Up goodies from Paul and Fil too!

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