Roleplaying Games of the 90s

Episode 68 – Roleplaying Games of the 90s
(a.k.a. Gaming Like It’s 1999)

Let’s party like it’s 1999! Why not the whole decade? The lads take a trip down memory lane to go over the 90s (which only last decade right?) and talk through some of the key products, what’s still hot and what’s not – and maybe which games deserve another day (or never really got the day they deserved) in the sunshine.

The episode is dedicated to Mik Reed, who was a familiar avuncular face on the UK con circuit. Sadly, after a long battle with a mystery illness, he has left us. As generous and supporting in games as he was in real life, he never spoke ill of anyone and was a great contributor to the online as well as offline community. He’ll be missed.

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