Mike Mearls Interview

Episode 92 – Mike Mearls Interview
(a.k.a. Hit Dice are the new Healing Surge)

Rare treat this week dear listeners, the lads interview Mr D&D himself right now, Mike Mearls. We cover current projects, what it was like taking over the helm, design choices and some nitty gritty details and listener questions, among many other things. Very insightful, and a charming guest, we look forward to inviting Mike back in the near future to answer more gems such as “What the hell is a hit point?” and “Why do you hate Warlords so much?”.

You can hear some more D&D content with our Dungeon Master’s Guide overview (part one).
Image culled from the D&D Beyond channel – worth checking out if you want more aids for D&D games.
Mike’s Happy Fun Hour is definitely good for viewing if you have any interest at all in design of classes for the game and that sort of thing.

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