Dennis Detwiller Interview

Episode 97 – Dennis Detwiller Interview
(a.k.a. Everyone Walking Around In Parkas )

Top guestage again dear listeners, the lads chat to RPG writer and artist Dennis Detwiller who you will no doubt recognise from Ennie-award winning Delta Green, Magic the Gathering, GODLIKE and much more – including Arc Dream’s latest Kickstarter (at time of writing) Wrestlenomicon. The guys talk about the changes in writing and publishing games, classic RPGs, improvements in the industry and making a quality product, plus games stores and digital art and much more.

You can check out more of Dennis’ work at his patreon page, by visiting Arc Dream, and there’s lots of good Delta Green content on the dedicated site. He’s also active on the Twitters – follow him here!

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2 thoughts on “Dennis Detwiller Interview

  1. These guys are fantastic, and DG is amazing not only as a game but as a way of looking at the world. No joke, I had a political epiphany listening to an UA podcast with Glancy. The subject was that the difference was that in the 90s, the conspiracy bar was very low, and that in the 2010s, it went public and nobody cared. I’ll keep funding these guys as much as I can.

    Keep up the good work, dudes.

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