Episode 100 – Centenary Celebrations!

Episode 100 – Centenary Celebrations!
(a.k.a Here’s To 100 More)

Back in the mists of time, the earth cooled and then there were dinosaurs. Not long after Baz and Gaz were sitting round drinking whisky and solving gaming. It’s been 100 episodes! Officially, in reality there have been many more, with bonus episodes, actual play and no one really knows what happened to episode 11. Good friends of the show Dirk the Dice and Paul Fricker come along to help celebrate, talking about the last five years of RPGs and looking forward to the next five.

The lads would like to thank all their Glorious Guests over the years, Dirk the Dice from the Grognard Files and Paul Fricker from The Good Friends of Jackson Elias for guesting here, Iain McAlister from the Brainwaves podcast for standing in when Baz goes AWOL, of course all the wonderful Patreons that keep the show going, and of course, both their listeners. This is for all of you!

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