UK Games Expo 2019

It’s that time of year – the UK’s biggest gaming event is just around the corner. UK Games Expo 2019 is upon us and the lads have a good old natter about what to do, things to see and what’s hot for 2019. Never been before? Just want to get excited? Happy just to hear geeks chunter on about gaming stuff? It’s all here…

Join The Smart Party and special guests Dirk the Dice from the Grognard Files and Paul Fricker from The Good Friends of Jackson Elias, for a seminar at noon Saturday of Expo, as they give you the low down on how to get the most out of your RPG sessions. Top tips, sage advice, fascinating war stories, and answers to your burning questions. Whether you want to know how to get started, or are an old hand looking for the latest hot take – they’re here for you!

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