Paragon System with Sean Nittner and Tim Denee

Episode 175 – Paragon System with Sean Nittner and Tim Denee

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know we love AGON, powered by the Paragon system. This time the lads are delighted to be joined by Sean Nittner, the co-author and independent game designer Tim Denee, who’s done some great stuff with the game. Come on in for a deep dive on the game design process, what makes these sets of games great and how to squeeze more gaming juice from your sessions!

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Beyond Dread Portals

Episode 174 – Beyond Dread Portals (a.k.a. Climinal)

This time the boys are joined by Good Friend of the Show and returning guest Dr Mitch and Newt from D101 Games to talk about their new project Beyond Dread Portals. A game for those wanting to move slightly away from what D&D has to offer, but with some familiarity so the leap of faith isn’t too scary!

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Third Floor Wars

Episode 173 – Third Floor Wars (a.k.a. Third Party Podcaster)

A third podcaster, Craig Shipman from Third Floor Wars joins the lads this time to talk about some of our collective GM experiences at running three different games. From Blades in the Dark to Savage Worlds by way of Call of Cthulhu, this mighty triumvirate of gaming tells you what’s hot and what’s not, with tips, tricks and experiences of running these popular RPGs.

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Episode 172 – OGL OMG (a.k.a. Version Wars)

There has been no end of social media frenzy about Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast and their attempt to introduce a new Open Gaming Licence. What is? Why are they doing? What’s everyone upset about? Does it impact your game at the kitchen table? Find out, all this and more, with special guest Mat from Steamforged Games.

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2022 Retrospective

Episode 171 – 2022 Retrospective (a.k.a. A Polite Golf Clap)

A look back on the past year, what’s been good for gaming, what can we look forward to and more. A genial fireside chat with your amiable hosts.

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Mechanics Drive Play

Episode 169 – Mechanics Drive Play (a.k.a. Long Chambery Things)

Following on from emergent play in the last episode, the lads go through a cornucopia of games and systems to talk about mechanics which drive different styles of play.

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Emergent Play

Episode 168 – Emergent Play (a.k.a. Play To Find Out)

From thick books of lore to many-paged character backgrounds, how do you get cool stuff to the table? Do you even bother with all that and play to find out instead? The lads chat about how to get more juiciness from your gaming sessions.

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One D&D

Episode 167 – One D&D (a.k.a. There Can Be Only One)

The guys are keen for a deep dive into the latest D&Dizzle news, fresh playtest documents, talk of a new approach, a lengthy train in the run up to the most recent evolution of the world’s largest RPG, “One D&D”.

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Radiant Citadel with Ajit George

Episode 166 – Radiant Citadel with Ajit George (a.k.a. A New Hope)

The guys are joined by lovely human and creator and project lead of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, Ajit George. Discover how the project came about, what to expect from the latest D&D offering, how it’s different from what’s gone before and much more!

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