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Paragon System with Sean Nittner and Tim Denee

Episode 175 – Paragon System with Sean Nittner and Tim Denee

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know we love AGON, powered by the Paragon system. This time the lads are delighted to be joined by Sean Nittner, the co-author and independent game designer Tim Denee, who’s done some great stuff with the game. Come on in for a deep dive on the game design process, what makes these sets of games great and how to squeeze more gaming juice from your sessions!

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John Harper Interview

Episode 118 – John Harper Interview
(aka The Same Page Page)

John Harper is a game designer with an embarrassment of riches in his back catalogue. Blades in the Dark, Lady Blackbird, Lasers and Feelings, Danger Patrol, Ghost/Echo and most recently the rebooted Agon in collaboration with Sean Nittner. He joins the lads to discuss BitD and other forged in the dark games, share insights on upcoming content including the cyberpunk Null Vector, reflect on Lady Blackbird and of course give insights into the latest project of Greek heroes, Agon.

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