Gamer Bling – Money You Don’t Have

Episode 20 – Gamer Bling
(a.k.a Spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need)

The festive season is already upon us (almost) and we’re already writing our shopping lists for Santa and generous relatives who don’t understand the hobby. Also, Dragonmeet approaches with even greater alacrity. What should gamers get other people to buy them? What’s the latest accessory sweeping the geeky nation? Find out inside, and give us your suggestions!

Much better than tipping your bin man, why not throw some loose change in the Patreon account and we’ll spend it wisely on new recording equipment, or black jack and gin. There’s just no telling which.

If you’re within shouting distance of London Village this weekend, why not pop along to Dragonmeet convention as alongside our fellow podcasters at  Jackson Elias, we’re doing a live podcast from the event!

18:00 – What Jackson Elias Would Do?

Two of the UKs finest podcast crews go head to head in this panel. Imagine the worlds most polite rap battle with less dancing and more tentacles. The Smart Party and The Good Friends of Jackson Elias lock horns over the perennial question: why so much Cthulhu in gaming, and is it for good or ill? Raise a glass with us as we toast the very best and worst in RPGdom.