Gaming in Ukraine with Tasha from idearoll

Episode 181 – Gaming in Ukraine with Tasha from idearoll

Fresh from The Kraken gaming retreat, the lads have met old friends and made new ones. Chief among those is Tasha from the idearoll youtube channel, who joins them this week to talk about gaming events, the scene in Ukraine and challenges of the current environment. A great episode full of enthusiasm and community spirit!

You can find the idearoll channel below (in Ukrainian), which also has several other links for supporting the team’s efforts. idearoll on YouTube.

Get yourself a copy of the Vaesen Spirits and Monsters of Mythic Ukraine on Drivethru here.

Charitable links:
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If you dig actual plays, check out the new Unconventional GMs YouTube channel. Lots of great games played with vim and vigour in two hours or less.

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