Episode 185 – Cities (aka Fantasy Tripadvisor)

After wandering the wilderness and diving down dungeons, plucky adventurers wish to go to an enthralling city. Maybe your entire campaign is based around one location. The lads explore various cities from ttrgps and the merits and flaws thereof!

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Hot War, Cold City

Episode 184 – Hot War, Cold City (with Jon Hodgson and Malcolm Craig)

Joining the ‘cast this time, Jon Hodgson of Handiwork Games and RPG author and academic Malcolm Craig. The Cold War period and monster hunting in Berlin come to the fore as the lads dive into Hot War and Cold City among other great games from the Handiwork studio!

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Episode 183 – Unacceptable! (a.k.a. It’s Not You It’s Us)

There are a plethora of gaming events to go to these days and you meet all kinds of people and playstyles. Often this is a cause for celebration, a way to pick up new ideas and techniques. Sometimes though, it’s suboptimal. There are still some people who haven’t got the memo about gaming with others, and this time the lads aim to set things straight.

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How To GM with Justin Alexander

Episode 182 – How To GM with Justin Alexander

The lads are delighted to have returning Good Friend of the Show, RPG producer and designer at Atlas Games, Justin Alexander. He’s got a new book coming out, available in all good purveyors of such things, So You Want To Be A Game Master. Join for great insights, some not seen or heard before on the Alexandrian (or maybe anywhere!) and to get a unique precis of what is in this fine work. Visit Justin’s excellent RPG resource The Alexandrian, as check out what’s hot at Atlas Games.

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Gaming in Ukraine with Tasha from idearoll

Episode 181 – Gaming in Ukraine with Tasha from idearoll

Fresh from The Kraken gaming retreat, the lads have met old friends and made new ones. Chief among those is Tasha from the idearoll youtube channel, who joins them this week to talk about gaming events, the scene in Ukraine and challenges of the current environment. A great episode full of enthusiasm and community spirit!

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Shadow of the Weird Wizard

Episode 180 – Shadow of the Weird Wizard with Rob Schwalb

Returning special guest Rob Schwalb, creator of Shadow of the Demonlord, Punk Apocalyptica, D&D designer and more, returns to the show to tell us all about his design process and work on his new Kickstarter, Shadow of the Weird Wizard.

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Pendragon 6e with David Larkins

Episode 179 – Pendragon 6e with David Larkins

Returning special guest David Larkins, Line Editor for the King Arthur Pendragon RPG joins the lads to talk about the new edition, it’s starter set and get back to basics on what Pendragon is all about for new players and old hands alike!

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Starforged With Shawn Tomkin

Episode 178 – Starforged With Shawn Tomkin

Returning special guest Shawn Tomkin, designer of Ironsworn and of particular interest this time, Starforged. It’s an excellent Sci Fi RPG and well worth digging into, which is exactly what the lads do this time!

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Dungeons Not Dragons

Episode 176 – Dungeons Not Dragons

Whether you’re from the old school days of white-lined maps on blue backgrounds, or newly arrived at the idea of maps, scouring the internet for your Roll20 backgrounds, dungeons have a long and storied history in RPGs. Join the lads as they look back over the years at dungeons, what makes them good and how they can be used better.

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