B. Dave Walters Interview

Episode 88 – B. Dave Walters Interview
(aka Shine on You Crazy Diamond)

Live gaming actor, streamer, DM, comic author, life coach and all round great guy B. Dave Walters has more strings to his bow than a harpist. You may know him from LA By Night, The Uncommon Trust, D&D, or various Geek & Sundry or other outlets (Top Ten links below). Gaz and Guest Host and good friend of the show Iain McAllister of The Giant Brain and Brainwaves podcast chat to Dave about streaming games, running D&D in a castle, writing a comic, diversity in gaming and much more!

In the interview Iain chatted about a Keyforge review which you can find here. Dave’s body of work is a veritable embarrassment of riches, here’s a list of Top Ten Links to get you started:

You can find him on the Twitters
Ask Your Black Geek Friend
Check out the upcoming D&D comic
Celebrity Charid20 Gangrel Action
LA By Night on Alpha
Catch him on Geek and Sundry
Get yourself to D&D in a Castle
Support him on Patreon with many endeavors!
We’re Alive: Frontier
B. Dave Walters on Streaming D&D

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