Ken Hite Interview

Episode 96 – Ken Hite Interview
(a.k.a What If Vampires Are Snake People?)

Top guestage again this time dear listeners as the lads chat to gaming luminary Ken Hite about Vamprire, Night’s Black Agents, The Fall of Delta Green, Nephilim, future projects, novels, games design, ploughing the world’s history for gameable content, pilum throw weights and much more!

You can get more podcast goodness by listening to Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff (KARTAS).

Ken mentioned Star Crossed by Alex Roberts, which you can find on Bully Pulpit Games and Nathan Paoletta’s upcoming Imp of the Perverse has details here.

Some of the other games we mentioned:
Fall of Delta Green
Night’s Black Agents
Vampire V5

And of course, the author to recommend to your 10 year olds, Diana Wynne Jones.
Gaz recommends The Vory and other books by Mark Galeotti while you’re buying books.

Finally, there’s the Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes kickstarter.

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