Episode 122 – Burnout
(aka It’s Not Me, It’s You)

The global pandemic is biting and it’s entirely possible folk are getting a little run down. This time the lads talk through burnout. What is it and what can be done? Are you just fed up for now and need a break, or is there something different going on? Settle into your favourite quiet space dear listeners, and let the old hands give you some words of advice.

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2 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. I don’t think I’ve quite finished the episode, but I have really appreciated it. I certainly don’t have gaming burnout; I haven’t played in an RPG in ages. However, I teach at university and I am in the middle of grading final exams and papers, so the idea of “burnout” resonates with me–the idea that something you loved has become drudgery. I found your thoughts very helpful, and it boosts my morale to hear other “grownups” trying to juggle work and family and to try and fit in some games in between.

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