King Arthur Pendragon

Episode 130 – King Arthur Pendragon
(aka Can You Play From the Perspective of a Horse?)

Good friend of the show and line developer of King Arthur Pendragon, David Larkins returns, to reveal what’s been going on at Chaosium with the latest edition on KAP, how the company is doing in new normal and new kickstarter about an old product. An increased focus on honour as well as glory, refined rules, new art and more are revealed. Roll for the Winter Phase and see if your wife, and more importantly your favourite horse, survive!

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2 thoughts on “King Arthur Pendragon

  1. Great interview! I really enjoyed learning about all the new things coming up for Pendragon. Been really loving all the new material coming out for the D100 mechanics system in recent years. Seeing how much more polished the games have become since the original days of Chaosium has been pretty cool as someone who started in the spring of 1978 in Southern California.

    One small thing directed at David Larkin, egad man! If I was playing a drinking game I’d have been utterly smashed within 10 minutes if the drinking game was “everytime they say “you know”. lol I’m giving you a good natured hard time though, because I think that Pendragon is in great hands with you. Your passion and knowledge appears really solid which I love. So keep up the good work David!

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