Episode 128 – Fights
(aka Back in Black)

Did you look at my pint funny? Roll for initiative! After a few games of Feng Shui 2 recently, the lads have thought about fights in RPGs. Is it necessary for combats to occur? Do they go on too long? How can you make them more interesting? All this and more, this episode!

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2 thoughts on “Fights

  1. Hi – just listened to this episode and loved it – I especially like the advice that a fight has to be about something other than the fight itself – I’ll be using that advice in future. you asked about games that have unusual initiative system – and two sprang to mind. First, Luka Rejic’s SEACAT system has an escalation die – every round after the first the GM puts a D20 on the table with the number set to 1 – and EVERY participant gets a +1 to damage and to hit for that round. The next round the die is turned to 2, and so on. this is intended to stop fights dragging on and it really builds excitement and tension as a combat goes on. The second one I really like and it is very simple – and is from a game I recently bought called ’17th Century Minimalist’. Each player and the GM all put a dice in a bag, and a neutral dice is added as well. The dice are drawn out, and whoever’s dice is drawn, that person gets to move. When the neutral die is drawn, the round is over, and all the dice go back in the bag again. Random chaos! You could go a couple of rounds without acting, which feels like a fun way to represent the chaos and disorder of a real fight in a gameable way.

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