Reviewing GM Advice

Episode 127 – Reviewing GM Advice
(aka “I’m the Unknown Stunt Man”)

There’s plenty of GM advice out there in roleplaying land, but what about advice on the advice? This time on the ‘cast, Gaz is joined by the Lee Majors of roleplaying, Dirk the Dice, from the Grognard Files Podcast to discuss sources of GM advice. From the ancient tomes handed down by Gygax himself, to the latest hot takes from blogs and the internet, our scholarly heroes delve into the dungeons to bring out the shimmering gems of golden advice.

You can discover more for yourself in the links below:

Robin Laws has given many talks and written several documents, including Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering
Sly Flourish (Michael E. Shea) wrote The Lazy Dungeon Master (and return thereof)
James D’Amato has several novels, including The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide
Gareth Ryder Hanrahan is an excellent RPG writer and is often giving out advice on the Pelgrane Press website.
Greg Stolze’s “How to Run Roleplaying Games” and many other resources are available on his website.
The ancient words of Gary Gygax are still available in his Role-Playing Mastery work.
A good general read, but especially for investigators, Justin Alexander’s The Alexandrian is worth perusing.
Rolltop Indigo provides some interesting view points to expand your gaming arsenal/

If you dig actual plays and reviews of played modules, check out the new YouTube channel.

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