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Bonus Episode – UK Games Expo Chat

Bonus Episode – UK Games Expo Chat

Not too long ago it was the highlight of the UK gaming calendar UK Games Expo and Gaz went round chatting to all kinds of lovely gaming folk to find out what’s going on in the wonderful world of gaming. Here’s some awesome #content from his travels.

[02:10] Paul Baldowski from All Rolled Up, Cthulhu Hack and other fame
All Rolled Up

[06:20] Sam, from award-winning Sins RPG

[12:50] Julia from Lamentations of the Flame Princess talks about weird stuff
Lamentations of the Flame Princess

[23:00] Mary at Rowan, Rook and Decard (The Spire RPG) gives us the low down on the Indie League Stall
Rowan, Rook and Decard
UK Indie RPG League

[32:00] Chris Birch from Modiphius takes us on a whistlestop tour of lots of books!

[39:40] Lloyd Gayan was the man on the scene for Games on Demand
You can follow Lloyd’s antics on Twitter

[48:30] Rich talks to us about the inaugural RPG Designer’s meet up
Get hold of some of Rich’s games

[55:00] Dirk and Blythy talk bobbins at the bar
the Grognard Files

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Dragonmeet Review & Interviews

Episode 63 – Dragonmeet Review & Interviews

After a great time as part of the #Podcastzone at Dragonmeet, the guys got together for a review of the event and also mixed in some of the interviews and brief chats they got while gadding about. Hear from OSR guys such as Luke Gearing [19:20], the Lamentations of James Raggi [28:55], the silvered tones of Patrick Stuart [34:05]; plus, what’s new in Chaosium Line Editor Mike Mason’s stable [39:50] and more Cthlhu style shenanigans from Paul Baldowski.

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Bonus Episode – Black Hack at Dragonmeet

Bonus Episode – Black Hack at Dragonmeet

The lands went on a jolly to Dragonmeet and have a full episode in the pipe – but along the way they spent some time in the bar chatting to David Black of The Black Hack fame, gate crashed by Chris Mc Dougal Donald Duncan Dowall from Into the Odd.

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Preparing For Dragonmeet

Episode 62 – Preparing For Dragonmeet

If you’re going to try a one day gaming convention in the Big Smoke, then Dragonmeet is the place to be. What to expect though? Baz and Gaz lead you through everything that’s going down, provide stories of previous adventures, and fill you in on some tips and tricks, along with highlights not to be missed. Most of all, they look forward to meeting both their listeners there!

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